Sunday, 30 August 2009

When Yellow Wants To Be Become Blue, it Becomes Green

This is another postcard I have made the words "when yellow wants to become blue, it becomes green" are from Russian Proverb. The quote is about envy so my  idea for my mixed media piece came from the saying the grass is always greener on the other side. I have created two areas of grass then the blue symbols the fence and the yellow sky in my picture. 

New Shoes

I was in town the other day and went into Mr. Shoes and saw this amazing
pair of deck shoes I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them and had to have them.
They were so amazing I decided to draw them and share them with you!!

Cities, Like Cats, Will Reveal Themselves At Night

This is an acrylic painting I have done for a project in which I have to create an A6
postcard for the theme Words From The Wise. I have to produce 5 A6 postcards 
illustrating phrases from the book Words From The Wise by Rosemarie Jarski. 
The phrase I am illustrating is " Cities, like cats, reveal themselves at night" by Rurpet Brooke.  I decided on red to be the main colour as it is over powering, bright and fun. I have made some of the buildings bend to illustrate they are dancing in the night and having fun, I kept some of them  straight so that they still resembled buildings.

Thursday, 27 August 2009


This is a charcoal drawing of a dog I did. I really enjoyed drawing
this image, I think he looks rather fluffy!

Life Of Riley

This is a charcoal drawing of my Dog Riley. He was named Riley
because of the saying "life of Riley" it means that you will have a good life 
and the best of everything. This is no lie when it comes to my dog. Some times I
think he gets treated better then me!!!!! 

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

1 Of Your Five A Day

Make sure you are having your five a day of fruit and veg.
This is a healthy reminder :)


I took a trip to a village near my home town Bury St Edmunds called Lavenham. It is a pretty little village full of cute houses which are all different shapes and sizes. Lavenham is England's finest medieval village. It has over 300 listed buildings. It has a few local art galleries with work by artist Paul Evans in most of them. Paul Evans creates wonderful landscape pieces. 


While I was at Lavenham I did these two pen drawings.
The top one is of a house in the village and the bottom 
is of the village center.

Things I Own

These are some pen drawings I have done of things that I own.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Rhyming Slang
 This picture is illustrating the slang Tea Leaf - Thief. I created the background using prints of leafs and then painted the cup over the top
My dog Riley enjoyed his day at Ipswich Docks as well!!

Ipswich Docks 
 I recently went to Ipswich Docks. It is a lovely place to have a walk along. There are cafes that you can stop off at and have a cup a tea and watch the boats go by. I have a great time at the docks. I created this picture of the boats using acrylic paint. 
Wish You Were Here
 This Image is for a book cover called wish you were here. I made the sky grey and the plane yellow as it represents you leaving behind grey old England and jetting off to a hot sunny country. 
Create Me A Monster
 This is another monster that I created for the same project. 
Create Me A Monster
 This is a monster I made for a project titled Create me a monster. I began looking at cancer  cells as research for my monster as I wanted to create a monster that wasn't your typical monster. I really like the out come of this monster as I like the contrast of the blue against the yellow